Welcome to the Morbid Lichdom

that damned decrepit circus of sin

Dark Phantasmagoria

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Book One: The Seat of Power

Arc 1: Savant

Chapter 1 The Camp of Awakening

Chapter 2 The First Day

Chapter 3 Avaloo

Chapter 4 Klyle’s Training

Chapter 5 The Aspect

Chapter 6 Prodigy

Chapter 7 Group Fight

Chapter 8 Final Trial

Chapter 9 Student vs Master

Chapter 10 The Seeker


Arc 2: The Tournament

Chapter 11 Dreadflower

Chapter 12 Preparation

Chapter 13 Preliminaries

Chapter 14 Hales vs. Kaden

Chapter 15 Lo vs. Vare

Chapter 16 Bloom

Chapter 17 The Tournament Begins

Chapter 18 Pastime of the Rich

Chapter 19 Aulus vs. Darius

Chapter 20 Hales vs. Kassel

Chapter 21 Hales vs. Kassel: part two

Chapter 22 Salt vs. Dragon

Chapter 23 Hales vs. Uana

Chapter 24 Quarterfinals

Chapter 25 Semifinals

Chapter 26 The Interview


Arc 3: Decisions

Chapter 27 Purpose

Chapter 28 Indecision

Chapter 29 Reasoning

Chapter 30 The Garghent Elite Military Cadet High School for the Savant

Chapter 31 Aspect Chemistry

Chapter 32 Captain School

Chapter 33 The Day Before the Exam

Chapter 34 Final Examination; Paper Test

Chapter 35 Final Examination; Aspect Test

Chapter 36 Some Time Ago In A Place Called Nowhere

Chapter 37 Squad Selection

Chapter 38 Marigold-en Nepotism


Arc 4: War Alone

Chapter 39 Operation, Commence!

Chapter 40 No Man’s Land

Chapter 41 Limit Breaker

Chapter 42 Breach

Chapter 43 You Can Run…

Chapter 44 But You Don’t Die.

Chapter 45 Conscription

Chapter 46 Feather

Chapter 47 The Fable

Chapter 48 Formal Declaration of War

Chapter 49 Loathing

Chapter 50 The Salamaster


Arc 5: The Siege of Gaghent

Chapter 51 Planning the Defense

Chapter 52 Raiding Party

Chapter 53 The Aspect of Death

Chapter 54 Journey South

Chapter 55 The Walls of Garghent Come Tumbling Down

Chapter 56 Hales vs. Rone

Chapter 57 The Lion Legion

Chapter 58 Rebuild Retaliate Repeat

Chapter 59 Aceldama Logs 1