The Sister Continent is separated from her Brother by a vast and challenging ocean. The city-state metropoli that dot the Sister Continent are divided by constant wars and their desire for domination. Built over the ruins of past empires, this has been the way of the land through the ages. The industrial revolution of each city-state brings with it tidings of new technology, faster transportation, deadly weapons and the threat of great battles beyond the likes the world has ever seen. High walls and deep trenches make combat a brutal affair. This, however, is only secondary to the Aspect revolution heralded in by the Fable Talis Ranis himself, the greatest Savant in the land. Thought to be one in a million, the mysterious and powerful Aspect are magical superpowers in which only the enlightened may unlock, that manifest uniquely in each individual able to awaken these dormant abilities. Those with the talent to unleash them have the potential to impact the world.

For Hales growing up in the imperial city-state of Garghent there are few options other than work as a soldier. Her existence could be summed up as days wasted dreaming about stars and nights spent in restless insomnia. Clever and fiery, Hales is forced on path which threatens to split her mind into fragments when faced with two events that will alter the course of her life forever. The first is her acceptance into Garghent’s new high school guaranteeing the awakening of an Aspect at the cost of permanent service in the military. The second is an encounter with a quiet boy named Deo who wanders the city picking strange flowers. When all out war is declared, a draft is issued pulling the innocent boy into the service of the military and forced to fight and kill or die for a cause he does not believe in, Deo must make a decision. But what choice he really have? For in him is the Aspect of Death and pushed too far he may embrace his dark side, beginning his march against humanity while gathering all sinners under the sovereignty of his Villain Throne.