Map of World

maps not drawn to scale

The Sister Continent

Cities by population (numbers from “pre-book 1”)

Vallis – 87 million

Garghent 80 million

Amineto – 66 million

Bast – 65 million

Daedal – 47 million

Natung 44 million

Tholi – 35 million

Geminis – 27 million

Ophir – 25 million

Eleavear – 20 million

Dienberj – 17 million

11 total metropolises. Combined population of 513 million.

Total population on the Sister continent – 550 million (this is including the Palaot, Bellanth and villages not associated with any city)

Brother Continent

Cities by population

Eili – 90 million

Labyrthnium – 85 million

Lycus – 72 million

Havel – 70 million

Caldyn – 61 million

Cavus 52 million

Menso – 45 million

Tul – 45 million

Thymiam – 44 million

Orien – 42 million

Arandac – 39 million

Vollskr – 37 million

Avalaes – 36 million

Iscaria – 30 million

Ulisis – 29 million

Kasim – 28 million

16 total metropolises. Combined population of 805 million.

Total population on the Brother continent – 850 million (includes Corgeroy islands and the rural villages not associated with any city).

World Facts: Total population about 1.5 billion

The Sister continent is 1,800 km(width) x 3,500 km(height) = 6,300,000 sq km.

The Brother Continent is 2,200 km(width) x 4,200 km(height ) = 9,240,000 sq km.

The two continents were once a single continent but a mysterious and cataclysmic event roughly 10,000 years ago split the continents into two. They are divided by the Great Tidal Wall at their closest end. The Great Tidal Walls seperates the Asies into two oceans as well. They are named aptly East Asies Ocean and the West Asies Ocean (east and west of the Wall respectively).

The Brother and Sister continents are closest on the side with the wall in between. This however, prohibits all possibility of travel from west to east coast. The distance of the ocean with the Wall is 500 km. Going from the far side around is a vast ocean roughly 2,700 km long.

These numbers are based off a planet diameter of around 7000 km, making for a relatively small planet.

The Metropolises

The city-states of the world have been built over historic cities multiple times over as each era beckons advances in construction and war-causing destruction.

Borders are defined by what can be held through military prowess. Generally speaking, vast trenches and barbed wire define the borders of a city’s urban and rural areas while towering walls of cement, metal and stone define the borders of the city proper.

There are two locations of trees of immeasurable size or ‘World Trees’, one is the Celatos Glacier Tree in Bellanth. The glacier tree is frozen solid by many meters of ice. The other is on the Island of Turtle, only the stump of which remains.

The Brother continent has a colder climate than its Sister counterpart which tends to be of temperate climate composure, though this changes depending how far south or north.

By the beginning of Book One three cities on the Brother continent have been anonymously destroyed without a trace, they are Avalaes, Tul and Arandac. These cities and their populations no longer exist.

The Mons God is the largest mountain in the world, standing over 20 km tall. The city of Labyrthnium has carved into this volcano, utilizing its energy and establishing a massive mountain city.

The city of Eleavear in the Sister continent is defined by its advanced mushroom farming and mushroom manufactured goods and the existence a superorganism fungi thousands of years old, covering most of the northern area of the Sister continent.

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  1. I will continue to add information to this page, which serves more for flavor and reference. I’ll do my best to exclude spoilers but you can think of this information as optional ‘common knowledge’ of the world. Feel free to ask any questions or post comments, I will clarify as much as I can without triggering the previously mentioned attempt at excluding spoilers.

    The Specter or character reference page is getting an overhaul and these updates will be applied to any chapters which are lacking in consistency that may or may not exist (I am going to be doing a polishing and proof-edit of all the previous chapters, around 70 at the time of this comment)

    Thanks for reading!


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