Specter Dossier

The Dossier will be updated regularly with new Specters. It is more for flavor and reference and not essential to the story. I am trying to figure out if there is a way to add pop up text boxes where you can view a relevant dossier as new characters appear in the story. Right now this page will replace the older Specter Registry page, though at some point I will add a master list of all the characters with minimal descriptions for a quick guide.

The Specter registry exists within the world as files on individual Specters, therefore each character dossier would be common knowledge to anyone in the world, and so the reader should have access to it as well. I may even add dossier files to characters who haven’t appeared in the story yet!

Dossiers are official profiles on Specters collaboratively added by all the cities in an attempt to inform and archive the various powers and their users. They are meant to be objective and sometimes speculative. Being handled by independent agencies give them more credibility. They can be especially useful for recruiters but also in letting military, police and governments know in the event that a Specter goes rogue.

What’s included are physical and personality descriptions, occupation and a brief biography and of course detailed ability analysis. I will probably make changes to the format as I play around with what looks best and the most realistic. I am also thinking about using an image that you can click on to view the file. It would save room, look more professional and therefore be more thematic as well as solving the problem of not being able to add it in the chapters.

this is an example off the internet of what I mean, only I would use thumbnails that you can click to open the file. This would also make it easier scroll through for the character you are searching.

Dossier Files

Ailor, Hales

Status – Alive

Captain in the Garghent military; Battlefield Division. Graduated with highest honors from the Garghent Elite Military Cadet High School for the Savant.

Profile: Female. A medium to athletic build, slightly below average height. Brown eyes and light brown hair. Intelligence level is excellent. Mental aptitude in abstract thoughts allows for an extreme degree of creativity within the use of her Aspect. Personality lends itself to bouts of dissociation during traumatic situations. This is both a weakness and a strength. Her mind is able to delve deeper into the noetic well, possibly tapping into her Aspect along a similar vein seen in deep states of meditation. One can only suspect the potential long term mental side effects she will inevitably encounter.

As a case study, awakening an Aspect through mental dissociation rather than true enlightenment is rather interesting and for the most part undocumented. The capacity for further awakening into the Master level is unknown and therefore she should be met with caution. 

Aspect: Solar. Mancer class. Draws forth various space objects, such as stars, planets and asteroids, from a personal ‘inner’ galaxy. She is able to increase the size and rotation speed and set the location in which her objects will gravitate toward or around. 

Highly flexible ranged power, offers diversity and pairs well with a creative type.

Only notable physical change is the eyes become galaxies, which seems to be where the stars and planets are ‘drawn’ from. 

Her space objects are considered under her control only so long as they do not have a set gravitational point. Until then, she is able to influence the size and speed indefinitely, her only limit is stamina and the physical stress is places. 

Activation Method: Vocal


Solar Disc- She rotates a miniature solar system rapidly over her fingers, until it appears as a blurred disc. She can launch the disc at high speeds and since deciding gravitational points is done mentally or at least through vision, it makes for a deadly signature ability.

Star Shower- By setting two or more large stars to orbit each other at high speeds she can cause fire and plasma to spew out randomly, usually done above a set location, effectively zoning out an area.

Slingshot- By taking advantage of each star’s gravity she can use that to launch smaller asteroids at variable speeds and angles, essentially doubling her angle of attacks.

Gravity Field- Perhaps her highest level ability. This allows for her to place hundreds of stars and planets to rotate around her to create a ‘force field’ of gravity and large celestial bodies that will follow her where she goes. 

On top of her more signature abilities are any conceivable combination of stars, asteroids, planets, nebulae, gas giants, all with adjustable speeds and sizes that she can draw out and launch.


She wields a truly diverse mancer class power under her employ and the intellectual prowess to use it for any situation. Trained by Master Klyle and reared for war. She would make a deadly opponent and a powerful ally as her Solar synergizes well with many different Aspects and naturally counters many more.

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