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updated through arc 8

The reference page is ordered by Arc to help avoid spoilers, relevant definitions are listed below first. For facts about the world and cities, refer to the Map of World page. Furthermore if there is information you would like to see here please let me know in the comments

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Definitions: a note about definitions, and words that are not usually capitalized are capitalized when referencing the relevant usage unique to the world.

Aspect: A mysterious power that can be awakened, usually with rigorous mental and physical training. Is a quality of a thing, anything, concept, elemen, force or otherwise something in existence, real or not, which can be shaped and which shapes the awakened user. It is said that only one in a million people will awaken an Aspect.

Aspecter/Specter: a common name for someone who has awakened their Aspect. Generally refers to a Savant level Specter.

Savant: the first level of Aspect awakening

Master: the next level of Aspect awakening, union with the Aspect and Mastery over one’s Aspect. 

Fable: highest level of Aspect awakening, Aspect coagulation, merging, becoming one with the Aspect, deeper knowledge of the universe. 

Thaumaturge” An ancient level of Aspect awakening described to be even higher than Fable, Aspect apotheosis. Scholars argue that this level is no different from Fable. 

Aspect classifications: Are for broad categorizations, the Aspect is used uniquely in each individual and these are guidelines and not strict rules. 

Augur: Enhances physical abilities, usually melee based and can often cause biological alterations, if only temporary.

Mancer: Influence of forces either generated or naturally occurring, usually ranged 

Sage: Intellectual based powers, often having to do with something mental, notoriously self interested.

Color: A category of their own as certain Specters merely call their Aspect a color. These are unique in being the only type of Aspect where none has survived to reach Master level of awakening due to the thought that a Master Color would be too strong.

Coder: Rule or law bending abilities not necessarily physical or mental but rather inherent, such as changing natural laws or dimensions of objects.

Arc 1: 

Talis Ranis: A Fable Specter, wrote the preeminent book on Aspects and how to awaken them, the Dream and Dreamer. kickstarted the Aspect revolution in which many more people learned to awaken an Aspect credited to Talis Ranis, very old and looks like a mix between a Heron and and old man.

Yillo Adealous :Paroxysm – Augur – Yillo’s body turns red, representing the amount of fury he has charged. The fury drains out of his body at the point of impact, either from attacking or defending. The more anger, the deeper the reds, the more powerful the detonation. 

Hales Ailor: Solar – Mancer – Hales can draw out planets, stars, asteroids from an inner galaxy. Her space objects start out very small but can be grown or increased as long as she retains possession of them. Upon setting a gravitational center she loses possession. Each object exerts and is affected by each other’s gravity. Hales is also able to increase the rotation and orbit of her stars and planets. She is able to decide which objects she pulls out from her galaxy. By throwing, setting and spinning a variety of different celestial objects Hales has a very diverse power which benefits greatly from an understanding of chemistry and physics as well as martial arts for the flow of movement and maximizing throwing or launching power. Only physical change is her eyes become black orbs with spiraling galaxies while her Aspect is activated. 

Dartan Banister: Rule – Coder – Dartan sees mathematical statistics beside every single object and force while his Aspect is turned on. By writing in the air with his finger, he is able to take the information from for example, a gust of wind or the dimensions of a box. By figuring out the coded properties Dartan can write a mathematical Rule and change for the laws or properties of an object or force. So for the example, make the wind stop or go gust harder, make the box larger or change the shape. The extremity of what he is trying to “Code” directly relates to the difficulty of the equation he needs to solve. It should be noted that he must both come up with the equation needed to solve the random information as well as the solution for that equation. He has a very limited time to write his Rule once he begins, thirty seconds is his average. Once a successful Rule is written, the writing in the air remains there floating until the Rule wears off. An unsuccessful Rule will disappear. His only physical change is the glossiness of his eyes can reflect the millions of numbers, letters, symbols he may be seeing. Requires a lot of focus and a very advanced understanding of mathematics on every level. Using his power on other Aspects tends to be easier than most anything else.

Genjam Beatal: Chaos Blue – Color – A cloud of swirling blue and black forms over his head upon activating his Aspect. Depending on his finger motions and gestures, he can create objects or projectiles to attack and defend. Simply pointing fingers will launch spears created from the Chaos Blue and forming circles creates shields. Objects become a steel-like substance of blue metal. While objects can be destroyed they always revert back to the blue and black particles and return to Genjam. He has a limited supply of this mass but at any point he can close his fist and recall all of his created objects back to his Chaos Blue cloud.

Bregan Brand: Synthesis – Mancer – He can combine two elements together to form a “synthesized” element. Water + dirt = mud. Fire + water = steam. Etc. A sufficient amount of one element must be in one hand, and another element in his other hand. Clapping the two hands and elements together will form the synthesized element. It will take the form of an orb which he can grab. It will absorb into his body and from there he can use a standard set of attacks. Although some elements yield special attacks he generally has a typical “sorcerer” moveset. Balls, geysers, streams, etc. Combining elements from other Aspects results in weaker and unstable abilities. Using raw elements from nature is usually best.

Jid Cavin: Hunter – Augur – Jid enters into an ethereal state where he is nearly invisible and untouchable. In this state he sees the world in vibrant colors with trails and afterimages of organic creatures. He can also see energy and meridians in a “trippy” kaleidoscope of colors and waves. To understand his perspective, think in terms of seeing the world in what you would stereotype an acid trip or if we could see in various electromagnetic frequency ranges. His movement is greatly restricted, even a single step requires massive effort.

Magun Deavo: Tank – Augur – Magun converts his right arm into a cannon made of bone and sinewy muscles. It will regenerate and grow naturally and the ammo draws from itself. Different shots can be used based off the flex of his arm, i.e. scattershot by crushing the cannonball inside the barrel. The larger the shot shot the more cannon is used and therefore requires a longer period of regrowth which functions as reloading. The Tank growth can be extended to different parts of the body for added armor. Irises become crosshairs.

Uana Elis: Gale – Mancer – Uana produces icy chills with her breath. Enough breath can trigger blizzards and spittle is frozen into icicles. Different breathing patterns cause different effects. Deeper breaths can cause blizzards whereas pursed lips can concentrate the chill for stronger freezing effects on specific targets. Uana has a relatively rare condition in her relationship with her Aspect where the more she uses it the more her biology changes. Icy, glitter/snowflake spots on her body as well as ice blue eyes and icy hair and so on.

Hijo Fevar: Wild – Augur – Hijo becomes crazed and the more he fights the more berserk he becomes. His body begins to transform while in long/intense fights. He develops hooves, wolf head, antlers, fur, claws among other animal features as the beast takes over. Overall his size increases dramatically and his body is preserved under the thick skin of his beast form. His spine can also produce bone weapons. 

Benhan Gravis: Lethargy – Sage – N/a

Antho Harsk: Yellowmancy – Color – Antho’s hands produce a yellow aura that leaves a trail behind. This trail is as solid as metal and remains in the air as long as his Aspect is active. Eyes become solid. 

Garriot Hasley: Goblin – Sage – Summons a short goblin-shaman. Goblin is able to use spells of a wide variety but has its own personality and interests. Garriot’s main issue is being able to convince Goblin to fight but it often comes at a price.

Veron Helio: Jinx – Sage – Veron can draw tattoos on her body that come to life in the form of hexes. Viper tattoo will slither out and paralyze an enemy. Charm, depicted as an intricate pink design will allow her to command an enemy for a short period and Vertigo, a mesmerizing designed tattoo will cause severe dizziness, to name a few examples. The tattoos can be shot out, placed, or otherwise move on their own depending the type. Direct contact must be made for the effects to trigger. 

Jillian Hund: Alacrity – Augur – Jillian has unlimited adrenaline while her Aspect is active but this does not mean infinite use. She won’t tire physically but she doesn’t get unlimited strength or endurance. Her body simply has an endless store of adrenaline but it can’t use more than it normally would be able to. For example if she is running long distance she could potentially run indefinitely but not at super speeds. 

Abagene Jem: Metamorphose – Augur – Abagene(or Abajem as Hales calls her) combines with an insect (praying mantis being her preference). The two will wrap into a cocoon and undergo metamorphosis. Upon completion she will tear her way out and exhibit qualities of the chosen insect. Essentially it is a suit of that insect but on a larger scale, often being taller than a human. The insect at that point is one with her and they have a shared mind and instinct. She can molt out of her Metamorphose when she needs to or else it can be damaged enough to break. The insect finally dies when she is no longer in the Metamorphose. 

Bria Keena: Ribbon – Mancer – Bria sheds silk and satin ribbons from her body, in a similar way as sweating. She is a dancer that capitalizes on martial and kinetic movements that flow together, creating a deadly mix of hypnotic and unpredictable attacks.

Hido Nore: Guardian – Augur – Hido has increased durability and can transfer damage from others to herself as long as she can face her palms towards who she is defending. She does need direct line of sight. Eyes glow silver. 

Lo Otano: Sunder – Mancer – Lo summons massive spectral and astral weapons. Astral weapons are translucent and blue. They have properties similar to an energy based glass. They can physically collide with objects once enough momentum is gained, other than that they are immaterial to the tough. Astral weapons shatter on impact and tend to have great destructive power. Spectral weapons are green and translucent. They have no physical properties to the touch and can’t deal damage. They can, however, inflict other effects. Such as inhibiting movement if a spear or chain weapon is used on an opponent. It passes through them and locks them into place. He can use a variety of weapons and shields. The downside is the amount of energy required to use a weapon.

Aulus Parthan: Myrmidon – Augur – Aulus meditates and summons warriors. He can choose which warrior to control, via a telekinetic link. Lodatotus is a black-garbed assassin with two curved swords and Irokles is a bronze armored soldier with a large round shield, a spear and a shortsword. 

Emilo Prantis: Steelskin – Augur – Emilo turns to stone or steel for as long as his breath is held. He is immovable and immobile during this and, barring any cataclysmic attacks, all but indestructible.

Talayia Rin: Stiletto – Mancer – Talayia can choose objects or people mentally, literally adding targets to them only she can see. Following the trigger gesture or word, thin blades erupt from her skin to launch at the targets. The closest point is where the blades emerge from. Her eyes become the color of cold steel in the dark.

Xander Tar: Karma – Augur – Xander has control over his own luck, either making is Good or Bad. He maintains a balance, meaning the more Bad luck he uses, the more Good luck he can use. He must use one to build up a supply of the other. Enough Good Karma gives him strong buffs such as flight, super strength and other abilities. Bad Karma gives him glowing blue eyes and Good Karma gives him glowing golden eyes. 

Meanu Tative: Candle – Mancer – Meanue can light her fingers on fire and place those flames in the air, where they remain indefinitely. They do not give off heat and do not cause fires. They will burn anything that directly touches them but never starts actual fires. Her flames are green and are about the size of candle flames. She benefits from knowing sleight of hand in order to set as many flames as possible. Her eyes match the fiery green color of her flames. 

Winnow Ty: Ash – Augur – Winnow is another Specter whose biology changes based on her Aspect. She requires ash, either smoked or consumed, as nutrition. Smoke and ash is also her fuel source and ammo supply. She can exhale smoke in large quantities, creating ashclouds. By causing enough friction she can generate sparks which can then ignite the ash. Consisting of ash allows her to interact with it in unique ways, such as being able to grab thick condenses of it or fanning in a single direction to create a vortex. Her eyes are an ashy grey and her body has a subtle ash-grey hue to it.

Jonatan Velm: Silence – Sage – Upon placing his foot on the ground, Jonatan creates a field of silence and slowing. Anyone inside the field moves at heavily reduced speeds whereas Jonatan is unaffected. Projectiles entering the field are also slowed. Random flower petals are blown across the field and the air is filled with their scent. All noise outside the field is muffled and Jonatan’s voice is projected as if he were standing beside you.

Professor Vandle: Seeker Mancer – Two golden-yellow beams shoot out of his eyes. They extend his vision and he can move them at high speeds over large areas. They can not go through objects. He sees in a sort of panoramic view from any point along the trail all at once. He can send small objects through the Seeker trails which will travel and shoot out from the end of the trail. A seeker is something that searches.

Master Klyle: Lion – Augur – Master level. Has qualities of a lion, loud roar, increased strength and speed, heavy endurance and thick skin.

Master Eberon: Former King of Bast, assassinated before the events of the first arc.

Arc: 2

Josua: Zone – Augur – Music puts Joshua into the Zone, a heightened state of awareness and athleticism. 

Karnev: Palisade – Mancer – Uses the ground to create walls of earth. Can also create soldiers such as archers and spearmen. 

Cathee: Totem – Mancer – Summons strange beasts that are a combination of real and mythical creatures. Totem poles featured a variety of stylistic faces and animal depictions one on top of the other.

Kris: Swarth – Augur – Qualities of a ghost. 

Darius: Ichor – Augur – Belos, Scylla, Baldr, Harakles. Darius doesn’t bleed normally. Instead being wounded gives him the opportunity to use powerful blood weapons. Extended use is what damages and “wounds” Darius. (a few examples) of weapons used are Harakles, a large double barreled revolver. Baldr, a bearded ax. Scylla, razor sharp tentacle-blades. Belos, a lightning fast scimitar. All weapons are attached by blood veins. Ichor means blood of the gods as it was believed that gods bled a different liquid than mortal. Inspired by the idea of gods, Darius uses various mythology inspired weapons.

Arsus: Dragon – Augur – Martial artist who uses an astral dragon to enhance his strikes.

Lye: Lamia – Augur –

Qortiko: Salt – Mancer – Sand hit by Qortiko takes an enlarged shape of whatever he hit with.

Hoiden: Tyrian – Augur – Summons royal garb complete with a scepter fit for a king. She controls a giant purple titan.

Alessa: Heaven – Sage- Alessa channels “holy” light to bathe her. Causing euphoria. She can direct this slow moving light with her hands. The light itself is like a thick, glowing haze.

Kassel: Vitro – Mancer – Kassel feeds a small “egg” through a glass umbilical cord. Glass spreads organically into the environment around her as the egg grows. In the way that a rapid, gooey plant might, one that solidifies as soon as its growth is finished, leaving it in strange, eerie and alien formations. As if the growth stopped mid-way. The glass is brittle and can easily be shattered, making it dangerous to move or fight in. Once the glass fetus, usually surrounded by a dome of protective glass, is finished growing into a glass person it is able to attack and defend, with a mind of its own but the sole sense of protecting its mother, Kassel.

Rhenai: Blinds – Mancer –

Roy: Drygulch – Augur –

Kaden – Firebird – Mancer – Kaden forms birds in the palms of his hands and breathes them to “life” by which he ignites them and can send them flying. The birds are not sentient and are merely the shape his fire takes. They leave trails of fire in the air and combust upon impact. They will fly back and perch on him if they do not hit anything. 

Luri: Beast Tamer – Sage –

Vare: Archon – Augur – Vare’s face is distorted by a “static field” The pressure is so powerful that an object aimed for his head is crushed and twisted ghastly out of shape. Mahadeva is his most common form. He produces four additional astral arms. Another power he can use from that is Vasavi Shakti where he can shoot small bullets of light by firing energy through a circle made from his hands. 

Zuel: Lava – Mancer Zuel spews lava from his mouth which forms into blobs that move slowly. They hurl molten rock and are very good for zoning areas off and dealing large area damage.

Bront: Shellshock – Augur – His hands and feet can produce mega shockwaves.

Crnobog: Crnobog – Mancer- Crnobog uses his hands to twist and contort and crush objects or body parts from a distance as if he were physically touching them.

Gentleman Rabio: A Gentleman of Garghent, wealthy aristocrats in charge of civilian, economic and legal affairs. Avid gambler whose record maintains a perfect score.

Mathis: a butler who works for Rabio

Arc: 3

Janiform: The autocrat of Garghent, rules until they are either dead or resigns. The role of Janiform is decided by the highest bidder. It is entirely a wealth based position.

Janiform Amenais: Former Janiform of Garghent, most notable accomplishments include, revitalizing Garghents infrastructure, building a “second city” of criminals, poor and anyone who can’t afford to live in the city. highly controversial, a rung above sewer dwellers, sewer slickers. 

Janiform Gemma: Current Janiform, mysterious person, often called the man behind the curtains as he is rarely ever seen. Rarely makes decisions.

Aceldama: A jointly funded organization dedicated to the overall well being of the world. Is the only group that has access to the orbits, which they use to travel the world and launch drop pods to fight any force deemed too high a threat. Pledges to maintain neutrality.

Private: Any soldier without explicit rank.

Captain: leads a squad of several to dozens of soldiers. Specter Captains usually lead a smaller cell of seven elite soldiers and other Specters, hand picked by them.

Cull: a rank in the military of Garghent above captain, leads large groups of captains in battles and missions. Field commander.

Strategem: Operation commanders who lead from a base and direct the Cull’s on missions and battles.

Twelve Generals of Garghent: Highest rank in Garghent’s military. The positions are the military faction’s equivalent to the Gentleman, except there is a limit of twelve. Like the Gentleman, these positions are bought.

Cull Marcarios: Fulmen – Mancer – Uses electricity. Able to travel through electrical currents he creates.

Corvan Enery: Chorus – Augur (this is an example of an Aspect that could go either way as a Mancer or Augur). captain in Garghent’s military, uses his voice to deadly effect and misdirection. He can throw his voice to any point he sees with the unaided eye as well as copy any voice he hears. 

Juy Feigh: Moonblink – Sage – captain in Garghent’s military, draws light of the moon to use blinding and disorienting effects. 

General Garald: Babel – Augur – Large and muscular, Garald uses a oversized mallet which can cause towers of dirt and rock to form upon impact.

General Draje: Sortilege – Augur – Old and wizard-like in appearance. Transforms into a personification of one of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The selection is random as the deck of cards shuffles in front of him when he uses his Aspect.

General Anteran: Electrum – Color – Young and brash duelist, nicknamed the silver duelist, due to his silver hair and silver inlaid saber and pistol. Imbues his weapons with his Electrum that can spread from one kill to the next as bursting shards of metal.

General Vecar: Scholarly looking general. Shrewd and intelligent.

General Lillian: Head of the Espionage division.

General Prion: Gemini – Coder – Prion has a silent twin with otherworldly qualities. His twin is also a General, obtaining that status on its own.

Railey Isle: Allotheism Aspect, n/a. Strange gods. Lead builder in Garghent’s city, constructed many impressive buildings that resemble monsters and gods. assassinated.

Creeper: an assassin. Member of the headless.

Private Saccha: Weapon Jack. Soldier in Hales’ squad. Veteran of many missions, a survivalist and weapons expert, also an alcoholic. 

Liem: Torturer in Hales’ squad.

Cursten: Engineer in Hales’ squad.

Santiage: Tactician and heavy gunner in Hales’ squad.

Espen: Medic in Hales’ squad.

Ava: Terrainer in Hales’ squad.

Arc: 4

Eris: Bodkin – Augur – His saliva causes weapons to be much deadlier and have a greater piercing effect. He places bullets in his mouth to coat them before firing off the deadlier rounds. Specter in Xander’s squad.

Edeno: Loupe – Mancer – Uses his hand in circle position to magnify his vision or light to create devistating beams or heat waves. Like a sun and a magnifying glass. Specter from Deadal.

Lazulie: Revolutionary in the city of Eleavear.

Jourac: A disgruntled archeologist who makes an incredible discovery.

Dr. Gillud: The lead archeologist of a team excavating very old civilizations.

Vant Gordiyn: Head of history and science in Garghent’s Research division.

The Salamaster: Also called Xihuatli.The Salamaster Aspect, Fable. An old acquaintance of Talis Ranis.

Arc 5: 

Gentleman Kint: Owns businesses in construction and the walls.

Gentleman Abermack: A loudmouth businessman

Gentleman Nerrin: Extremely wealthy Gentleman with stakes in most industries on Garghent. 

General Yivel: Leader of the Odd division which specializes in training and taking down monstrous Specters.

General Criue: Leader of the heavy weapons division. Created the Pride of Humanity, a turret that fires high caliber rounds, anti personnel.  

Shaman Sumedi: A shaman of the Palaot tribe.

Kiasmus: Marrow- Mancer – Elder of the Palaot tribe.

The Diplomat: Diplomacy – Coder – Comes from the Brother Continent. Can dictate the rules of engagement during fight.

Onager: Onager – Mancer – A mercenary who summons an Astral catapult that fires flaming green boulders.

Rone: Charientism – Sage – Psychological words that hit weak spots.

Tel Samil: Uthlen – A hungry snake lives inside of him. Captain of a squad of Aceldama

Diamak Reborn: Cult leader claiming to be Diamak. Simulacrum Aspect. Life Link, transfers life from those he’s linked too, sacrificing their life for himself. 

Gray: the mysterious recruiter of Aceldama. 

Arc 6: 

The Headless – Assassin group composed of Creeper, Bodysnatcher and Snuff.

Creeper: Umbrose – Augur – Travels in shadows and can peel out of a person’s shadow like a sticker to kill them.

Snuff: Drinks blood and goes on Snuff Trip, increasing his strength and insanity, very reckless.

Bodysnatcher: Eats corpses.

Hege: Hegemony – Sage – Gang boss in Ophir. If he wins the first game played against someone, he receives utter loyalty and obedience from them.

Lorrely: Also known as Weeper, Weeper Aspect, Sage class. Her grief can cause others to take their own life.

Jan: Seravim – Augur – He has dark wings and a dark sword.

Bubonica – Rat Spores – Mancer – An emaciated girl who lives in the sewer. her bodily fluids and release rat spores which swiftly grow and devour people from the inside out. She can control her rats.

Klea: Veil – Sage – Uses music to heighten emotions such as scorn, grief, agony, lies in nearby people.

Carn: Carn – Augur – Raised as a cage fighter his whole life, Carn is more of a beast now with qualities of a dinosaur.

Arvin: Arachnomania – Mancer/Sage – Controls spiders but primarily creates apparitions and illusions of spiders, while sneaking in real spiders loaded with venom.

Veinbreaker: Veinbreaker – Augur – Uses vein-like tendrils from his body to target blood vessels of his opponents.

Arc 7: 

Zhoulba: creatures from Goblin’s world. They start off as small slug but can be raised to any shape or size and useful in a variety of purposes. Their biological composition is influenced by their diet, which can be almost anything assuming they are strong enough to handle the material. They have a 100% efficient in digestion and make use of every molecule of a meal.

Bisult: Also known as the Mercenary King. Yarak Aspect, Augur class. Has a huge Falcon that acts as his eyes and retrieves his Spear which he can increase the size of it and throw it.

Arquebus: Arquebus – Mancer – Fires off projectiles from any object as if it were an imaginary gun.

Cube: Cube – Mancer – Creates a large cube prison, trapping enemies inside.

Orb: Orb – Mancer – Creates a killing orb of energy that also pulls enemies in before incinerating them.

Reddust – Reddust – Mancer – Produces clouds of red dust that explode into larger clouds of red dust. Member of Aceldama

Shatterfist – Shatterfist – Augur – Heavily enhanced punches that can destroy bone and internal organs, though the stopping power is more or less the same as a normal punch. The density of the punch is what is augmented. Member of Aceldama

Paradice: Aspect Unknown. Rolls dice, any result other than snake eyes gives him near invincibility for a duration.

Arc 8:

Lenneth Stone: A famous interview host

The Interluder: A strange being with no face and a mask that floats in front with changing expressions. He resembles a carnival marionette. Fable Specter, Aspect unknown. Can control light and light shows.

The Propheteer: A feminine figure with long robes and a multiple scarves wrapped around different parts of her body, long hanging earlobes and a crown on her head. Her eyes are irses within irises and her nose and mouth are replaced by a long calling horn or bugle that curved upward. Fable Specter, Aspect unknown.

Diamak: The Flambebringer. A beatle that awakened an Aspect and has been underground for millenia. Supposedly responsible for the random destruction of a few Brother Continent Cities.

Illiot: Shibboleth – Coder – Secret language or noesis only he has access to or he gives to.

Erahat: Quiddler – Sage – Wastes time, delays other’s he converses and interacts with, stalling/distracting tactics.

Laeaus: Sclerotic – Augur – Can move his eyes, which are indestructible, around his body or outside his body, increasing size, shoot them out, use them as weapons.

Annana Wes: Obyzuth – Augur -Drains life and power from the dead. Also has the Aspect Ram, unknown power.

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